We Are Granite City

Many months back, after countless tours of shared office spaces, coworking venues of all shapes and sizes, and event spaces, we came up with the idea to open a coworking space in Folsom—and titled it just that—what it was: Folsom Coworking. It wasn’t a particularly inspiring business name, but a descriptive enough and useful to move the dream forward.
Well here we are, our event space already open, our coworking space a few weeks from its launch date and the name Folsom Coworking felt, well, plain. While it captured what we are and where we are, it didn’t say anything about who we wanted to be, the kind of character or culture we wanted to create.
So cue the branding deep dive and research—the months of reading up on Folsom history, scouring the internet for inspiration, and tossing around countless names and ideas and then, one name clicked. And not just any name, the city of Folsom’s original name.
The name that first electrified the city of Sacramento from our powerhouse at a world-record breaking distance, the name that countless dreamers and entrepreneurs first heard when they traveled out west looking for gold and a new life, and the name railroad tycoons and travelers heard when they made this railroad stop outside of Sacramento.
That name would be: Granite City.
Without getting too mushy and deep—we like it a lot. It’s strong (like a rock, get it?) and invokes the feeling of community, exactly what we want to create. A strong, inclusive, community of businesspeople and entrepreneurs rooted in creating a better Folsom and Sacramento.
Welcome to Granite City, we suggest you grab a snack from Karen’s Bakery and get right to work.